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Landscape Maintenance

If there's one thing we have learned, it's that every property has different maintenance needs. Whether you require one service or our complete package of maintenance services, Lawngevity provides you a with an unmatched level of high-quality service and professionalism!

We offer an excellent array of services to help you with residential or commercial maintenance tasks ranging from the simplest to the most complex maintenance needs. No matter what type of project, our goal is to provide you with superior quality, service, and professionalism.

Our maintenance services include:

  • Clean-ups: spring, fall, and as-needed clean-up services

  • Lawn maintenance: including cutting, trimming, and blowing-off/debris removal for all patios, walks, and driveways

  • Fertilization: services include organic alternatives and hybrid programs

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Landscape Design & Installation

At Lawngevity Landscape & Design, we put our years of experience behind every plant we install. Whether you are looking for large trees, hedgerows or perennials, our expertly trained and knowledgeable staff is ready to install the materials you need to make your vision a reality.  No job is too big or too small.  


Installation services include:

-State of the art computerized imageing 

-Commerical/Residential landscape design, install and renovations


-Decorative stone, mulch and topsoil

-New lawns- Sod and seeding

-Large trees: hardwoods and evergreens

-Small trees: flowering and specimens



-Mixed borders

-Perennial beds

-Edible landscapes

-Vegetable gardens

-Seasonal containers

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At Lawngevity Landscape & Design, we offer a free consultation to design and build the patio of your dreams. Using products such as EP Henry Techo-Bloc Cambridge and CST to give you an outdoor living experience that will last a lifetime.

-Paver Patios and Walkways
-Brick Paver Patios and Walkways
-Natural Stone Patios and Walkway
-Paver Driveways
-Retaining Walls
-Block Walls
-Sitting Walls
-Landscape Steps
-Outdoor Firepits

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Lawn Mowing

Lawngevity Landscape & Design was founded on the humble lawn cut and this remains our signature service. 

We can expertly handle any residential or commercial property and our experienced crews will not let the dog out of the yard, leave the gate open or forget to clean-off your driveway.


  • Lawn Mowing: Mowing of the lawn, trimming along beds and paved areas, blowing of all paths, patios and driveways.

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Lawn Services

Lawngevity Landscape & Design offers an array of services to ensure that your lawn is the greenest on the block.  Distributed throughout the growing season, we promote healthy lawns with both preventative measures and individualized services throughout the warmer months as well as on an as-needed basis.

  • Thatching: Performed in the spring, thatching removes a layer of above-ground roots and stems that can prevent air and nutrients from reaching the soil in lawn areas

  • Aeration: Performed in the fall, aeration removes plugs of soil from the lawn, providing air to the roots and helping them reach deeper into the soil to mitigate the stress of the spring thaw and summer heat

  • Seeding: We will select the best seed for your conditions and expertly spread it with our professional equipment

  • Revitilization: In some situations, a lawn may need a fresh start.  When necessary, JLS can remove the damaged lawn and either seed or install sod to give you a healthy, weed-free lawn


  • Sod: We offer a “turn-key” sod installation process from start to finish including all the necessary ground preparation, topsoil, grading, and installation of Tall Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass sod.

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We make sure that your property looks its best year-round and that your valuable landscaping survives and thrives throughout the seasons.

Clean-up services include:

Spring Clean-up: We can provide a one-time, spring-cleanup service, or as part of the core maintenance services.

Spring Clean-Up includes:

      -Clean out leaves and sticks from gardens
      -Light pruning of winter injury on shrubs (dead or damaged branches)
      -Spade edging all gardens
      -Thatching and/or clean up of lawn area
      -Clean up of buffer zone along wooded areas (as needed)
      -Blowing off hardscapes
      -Mowing of turf, if needed

 Optional services include spot seeding, pre-emergence weed control, aeration of  turf and mulching.

Fall Clean-up: Leaf removal from lawn and bed areas and the removal of all associated debris.  Weather permitting, the fall clean-up includes two visits during the month of November.

Fall clean up includes:

        -Leaf clean up can include clean up of lawn, garden, hardscape and woodline buffer.
        -If your town has a leaf pickup program, we will place the leaves by the street. After your    last scheduled town pick-up, remaining leaves will be removed off premesis by us..
       -Mowing of turf, if needed.
       -Fall Curbside Vacuum services for the towns in our area without a leaf pickup program, or for the client tired of watching the leaves blow back onto their property

General Clean-up:  Are you putting your property on the market or have you fallen behind in the general upkeep of your yard?  Lawngevity will come in at any point throughout the season and give your property the cleaning that it needs for you to get the most value for your property or to catch you up in the general upkeep of the yard.

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Shrub & Tree Care

Lawngevity Landscape & Design also provides comprehensive, expert services to ensure the health and beauty of your valuable shrubs and trees.  Working with our highly qualified landscape designers, we specialize in all phases of shrub and tree work including:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Bush trimming
  • Fine pruning
  • Tree trimming/pruning
  • Relocation
  • Planting

Relocation of plants and shrubs: We work with you to properly relocate and transplant your valuable plants and shrubs throughout your property to ensure survival and prevent overcrowding.

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Lawngevity Landscape & Design offers lawn fertilization programs.  Applications begin mid to late April and continue throughout the season to ensure a healthy lawn.  All of our programs can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requests.

Our Program consists of 6 applications:

  • Early spring - April: Balanced fertilization and surface insect control as needed
  • Spring - May: Broadleaf weed control and disease inspection
  • Late Spring - June: Balanced fertilization and surface insect control as needed
  • Summer - August: grub control as needed, balanced fertilization
  • Early fall - September: balanced fertilization, broadleaf weed control
  • Late fall - October: high nitrogen winter fertilizer, pelletized lime for maintenance

*Additional spot weed sprays are available


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Decorative Mulch, Stone, Soil

Mulching: Beds are prepared (weeded, edged and rough-raked) and your choice of mulch is spread throughout.  Color selections include:

  • Tri[ple Ground Root Mulch- Natural rich brown color
  • Black Magic: black color
  • Red Mulch
  • Cedar Mulch
  • Rubber Playground Mulch
  • Playground Mulch

Mulch pricing is based on the type of mulch selected, by the yard installed.

Stone: Beds are prepared (weeded, edged and rough-raked) and your choice of stone is spread throughout.  Stone options include: 

-Goose Egg Stone

-Delaware River Stone

-Clean Stone

-Quarry Process Stone

-Red Stone

-White Stone

-Pearl Pebbles


-Stone Dust


-Fill Dirt

-Treated Topsoil

-Sceened Topsoil

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Snow & Ice Management

When winter weather strikes, you can count on Lanwgevity Landscape & Design for reliable, thorough snow residential and commercial snow & ice management.

Lawngevity offers snow plowing and snow and ice removal services for commercial, corporate, and institutional properties as well as condominiums and townhouse developments.  With our fleet of powerful trucks and equipment, we will service your property in a timely, reliable and reasonable manner. 

Lanwgevity Landscape & Design ensures that your property is taken care of and is left clean and safe throughout New Jersey's cold winter months with the below service options:

-We can provide the following contracts: Seasonal - Per-Inch, Per-Storm - Per-Push, Per-Visit, or your best value, Landscape and Snow Removal All Inclusive.
-We provide anti-icing and de-icing services, liquid or granular applications.
-We have all the specialty equipment: Wheel loaders, Bobcats and Box Plows.
-Sidewalk snow services.
-We have never had a slip and fall lawsuit
-We can apply Magnesium Chloride and Calciium Chloride.
-Loader to relocate snow.
-Ice watch services

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Frequently Asked Questions

General Business
Maintenance/ Lawn Care
Snow & Ice


General Business

Q. Who will work on my property?
Well trained supervised personnel with the proper equipment. All employees wear a company uniform.

Q. Do your employees speak English?
Although some of our oldest and most experienced people speak limited English, our goal is to always have at least one English-speaking crew leader on every site.

Q. Are you insured?
Yes. We are covered for workers compensation, liability and motor vehicle.  More info can be found here.

Q. Do you have a drug or alcohol policy?
Yes. All company employees who drive a motor vehicle are in a random drug & alcohol-testing program. This includes CDL and non-CDL drivers.

Q. How do you schedule your clients?
We are a full service company serving both residential and commercial clients. We try to schedule our business clients early in the week and our residential clients are scheduled Tuesday through Friday.

Q. What type of residential clients do you work for?
Anyone who truly wants a nice landscape and knows the true value of caring for a beautiful home and property.

Q. What type of return can I expect on my investment?
Weyerhaeuser Corporation estimates a well landscaped home increases in value by 15%. Money magazine estimates that you can expect to recover 100%-200% of your landscaping cost when you sell.

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Maintenance/Lawn care

Q. What is the best day to have my property maintained?
The best days to have your property maintained are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays for homeowners (Monday for corporate clients). Why Wednesday? Well, except for approximately 6-8 weeks in the Spring when turf is at its peak growth, there is very little difference in cut appearance come the weekend.

Q. Do you catch or recycle the clippings?
Wherever and whenever we can we recycle the clippings back to the turf as grass blades, and leaves being 80% water and nutrients, are the very best compost for building long-term highly organic soil. We only catch when an area is too small or we may get too many clippings in gardens. If we choose not to catch your grass clippings, be assured even if we have to do a double cut based on a 7-day mowing cycle, there will be no extra charge to you, and you will always have a high quality appearance.

Q. I have to have my property cut on Friday. Can you accommodate me?
We base the scheduling of our clients on the following: Open availability for existing or new route: Route density and efficiency: With the price of fuel and labor, we route just like UPS and Federal Express.  If you must have Friday, there will be an added cost if it does not fit our existing route, just as next day air will cost you extra with UPS.

Q. I’m having an event or party, can you pay special attention at my property?
Please let us know 7-10 days ahead and we will provide weekly service the day before your party. With 14 days notification we can also provide a detail crew service, mulch, pruning and seasonal color so that your property will look its best before your big day!

Q. How much water does my lawn need in the summer?
Cool season turf, which is the dominant turf grass in Northern New Jersey, requires approximately 1" of water from your sprinkler, irrigation system or Mother Nature or a combination per week.

Q. What size mowers do you use?
The size of the mower used is based on the size of each given area of lawn. A good landscape company will have many different size mowers with deck sizes from 21" to 52" or larger. The right machine is as important as the qualifications of its operators.

Q. At what height do you cut the lawn?
From late April to late November we use a 3" mowing height. This is when your lawn is most actively growing. It is also in the recommended range of height of cut by Rutgers University, one of the world’s leading turf research Universities in the world. During early Spring and late Fall we will lower the height of cut to 2.5 to 2.75.

Q. Why is mowing at the right height and alternating patterns of cut so important?
The right height will cause less damage to the blade of grass so the plant is under less stress. This in turn will allow for better vigor which in itself will help shade, fend off weeds and protect against insect damage.

Q. How often do you sharpen your mower blades?
We sharpen our blades on average about every 12 to 15 working hours, so about ever 8-10 mowing hours 3 to 4 times per week.

Q. Do you provide shrub pruning?
Yes, we do.  Full time clients can sign up with their yearly agreement or by mail. Full-service clients get first availability.

Q. Do you provide commercial grounds maintenance service?
Yes, we do we service small to large retail store locations, condominium complexes, and commercial warehouses. First impressions are just that, and how your business looks from the street can speak volumes about your image.

Q. What types of maintenance plans do you offer?
We provide many types of maintenance plans depending n the customers need and budget.  Please call for a customized plan.

Q. Do you provide seasonal color?
Yes. We provide spring bulbs, summer annuals, fall mums and more.

Q. How can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?
According to appraisers and realtors, a beautifully landscaped home will sell fast and for more money.

Q. How do plants and trees help?
Plants and trees absorb ozone-damaging pollutants, produce oxygen and help keep temperatures down and according to the Plants for Clean Air Council; efficient landscaping can reduce heating and cooling costs by up to 20%.

Q. How is a lawn helpful to the environment?
A turf area 50' x 50' can absorb enough carbon dioxide and hydrogen fluoride and convert it into enough oxygen to support a family of four

Q. How much will it cost me to hire your company?
This all depends on the services you desire. We are a legitimate year round company with well trained and fully insured employees. We use a multiple, overhead, recovery system to disperse and recover our overhead, labor and equipment costs, plus add fair professional profit. To find out more, give us a call.

Q. What type of training do your employees receive?
All employees go through a full day of orientation at least once yearly. We also perform tailgate training and have safety talks throughout the year.

Q. When and how should my shrubs be pruned?
The following is a basic guideline for pruning. When present, damaged or diseased shrub-limbs and branches should be removed. Most flowering shrubs and ornamental trees, should be pruned after blooming and before the next year's buds set. Prune whenever possible for plant health and to keep the natural shape of the plant. Some ornamentals and vines require dormant pruning in late winter. We highly recommend hand pruning over shearing.

Q. Why should I have mulch on my property?
Mulch provides the following benefits for planting when done correctly: For shrubs and ornamental trees, a mulch base of 3"-4" is recommended. It helps to keep weeds in check, retains moisture in the soil and adds organic matter to the soil as it decays. Woody, ornamental and evergreen trees do not need or want their soil cultivated around their roots.

Q. How about mulching annuals or perennials?
Mulch should be limited to 1"-2". Ideally a mulch compost mix would be a better choice. Unlike ornamentals, annuals and perennials like loose, tillable soil, so too much is not good.

Q. What type of mulch do you sell and install and what is the cost?
We sell Triple shredded root brown mulch, black and red dyed mulch, Cedar mulch, Canada Hemlock mulch, Playground mulch and more!  Pricing is based on site conditions and quantity. Bed preparation is extra.
Q. What are some of the most import things a lawn in Central Jersey needs?
Proper mowing height should be kept at 3" with a sharp blade, adequate deep infrequent watering, core aeration once per year and 3-4 lbs. of nitrogen per year.

Q. How often should I water?
Turf grass should be watered 3/4" - 1" per week. Shrubs and trees should receive deep watering 1-2 times per week. Annual and perennials should be watered 2-3 times per week. This answer is for established landscapes.

Q. What type of program do you offer for fertilization and control of weeds?
As different people have different expectations of how they want their lawn to look and also what they want to spend, we offer a 6 application program. Please call for more information.

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Snow & Ice

Q. I’m from a commercial property management company. Do you provide Snow & Ice Services?
Absolutely! We provide service for industrial, corporate campus, retail, and home owner associations (HOA) even large parking structure. We have use state of the art equipment and machinery.  We have a dedicated staff that knows what it takes to provide you with safety, accessibility and a productive environment. We can combine landscaping services with snow & ice services.

Q. Do you provide residential snow services?
Yes, we do. We offer this only to existing full-service landscape clients. Please call for more information on this highly sought after service.

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Q. If you design my landscape, how will I maintain and care for it?
Any designed or installed work Lawngevity provides can be maintained or serviced by Lawngevity. This includes full landscape planting, sod or seed, lawn irrigation or installed lighting systems.

Q. What can I expect to spend landscaping my entire property?
Assuming you’re asking for all key components, hardscape, fencing, drainage, irrigation, lighting, plant material, etc., a realistic range is 10%-15% of your home's value. This can be higher or lower based on site conditions, access, plant selection, etc.

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Terms of Service

Tax: All rates subject to applicable state and local sales tax.

Guarantee: Your satisfaction is very important to us. Weekly mowing service is guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the service or you think we did not show up, as long as the office is notified within one day of the service, we will happily provide a redo. Even if you notice a problem after 24 hours, please, let us know so we can get it corrected for your next service! Credits for mows or missed areas, are not offered, we provide a redo. Please contact us with any questions.

Automatic Sprinklers/Irrigation Systems: Do not water the night before or the day of your scheduled service, the cut will not be satisfactory, grass blades lay over when wet and blow off of debris is almost impossible. Redo’s are not offered when the grass is wet from irrigation and/or rain.

Sprinkler Repairs: Properly designed and installed irrigation systems are not damaged from routine lawn service. If head damage does occur, please notify us within one week of the damage or as close to a week as possible, flag damaged head(s), and we will repair on your next scheduled service. Plastic valve covers are subject to deterioration from UV rays and not covered for damage from foot traffic. All systems require regular maintenance and will deteriorate without it.

Other Damage: We are very careful when we service your lawn, but if a covered incident does happen, we will repair the damage. Contact us immediately, no later than 24 hours after the service where damage occurred. If you have a covered claim the submission of sufficient evidence is required, receipt for the item, photos of the damage, contractor may require a review of the item to evaluate the damage.

WINDOW DISCLAIMER: We are not responsible any type of window and/or glass breakage while providing maintenance on your property, from rocks, objects left in the yard, flying debris, etc. Note: Window damage and expenses shall be the sole responsibility of the customer.

Damages we will not cover include but are not limited to; air conditioning wiring, bird baths, bird houses, benches, chairs, children’s play sets, concrete, dog beds, downspouts, drainage, shade structures, fences, fence posts, fence stain, flower boxes, holiday décor, improperly installed irrigation components, irrigation valve covers, Malibu lights, metal edging, path lighting, pottery, outdoor curtains, retaining walls, stone edging, (brick and/or stone), stone pathways, toys, unprotected trees, trampolines, plastic pools or other swimming pools, windows. Exposed cables/wires or sprinkler components/lines normally found below the surface of the lawn, disease or damage to lawns, any item hidden in the landscape and not clearly marked. If we are required to move objects to service your lawn and/or landscape, such as but not limited to: benches, bird baths, basketball goals, playhouses, lawn furniture, trampolines, etc. we will not be responsible for damage caused by moving the object from where we need to provide service.

String Trimming Damage: When string trimming an area within 2 inches of unprotected items a small amount of damage is unavoidable. If you have an item near an area we will be string trimming and wish to avoid damage, please provide mulch at least 6 inches away from the item or tree boots around the item. Includes but not limited to: exposed wiring, downspouts, fencing, holiday décor, Malibu lights, path lighting, lighting, outdoor curtains, trees, plastic pools, pottery.

Hoses, toys, and other items left on lawn: We are not responsible for damage to items left on the lawn. The teams do their best to avoid running over hoses, toys, paper, dog bones, etc. However, we work very fast and these items are sometimes difficult to see, so, please, take a moment and collect all objects on the lawn before the service team arrives.

Damages that occur during the performance of our services: Shall be the sole responsibility of Lawngevity Landscape & Design.  All approved repairs will be made by contractor; repairs made by others will not be our financial responsibility.

Charges: Conveniently charged to a valid credit card on file the week service is performed typically the day after service. Keep in mind the charge does not always post to your account the exact day we enter it, particularly so when a card is declined for any reason. We consider your credit card statement your receipt. A detailed invoice of your charges is available by e-mail upon request.

Credit Card Declines: We do understand occasionally a credit card may be declined for various reasons: lost; new card; expired etc. We will e-mail to let you know your card was declined, if we do not receive a return call and/or updates before your next scheduled service date, service may be suspended until payment is received and tall grass fees may apply. A $5 fee is added for declined card fees.

Delinquent accounts: $10 Late fees added to unpaid balances for each month that such balance remains, plus all costs incurred on collection and reasonable attorney fees.

Duration of Service: Our prices are quoted based on a 6 trip minimum for weekly and every other week service. Canceling before the 6 trip minimum is fulfilled incurs a $35 cancellation fee charged to your credit card or you will be invoiced. Regular Mowing season is April through the end of November ending the week of Thanksgiving depending on your schedule. Every other week service begins in April, unless otherwise requested. Weekly service begins in April. We stop mowing the week after Thanksgiving in November unless you request winter services. Please note that weather does affect the need for weekly or every other week service and we may change your schedule accordingly.

Season to Season Continuing Service: We consider you our loyal customer from season to season until you cancel. For the convenience of our customers, service will automatically renew in April unless you request otherwise.

Skipped Mows: To avoid a service charge you MUST contact us by phone or e-mail at least 24 hours, if, you do not wish to be serviced on your scheduled service day. If a trip is made and you request that we not service your lawn at that time or we cannot service because of ongoing work in the yard; the regular service fee is charged.
The next scheduled service if we cannot perform service regular service fee applied and regular service is suspended until we hear back from you and ready to begin service again.
We allow two (2) skips per season for weekly customers, one (1) skip per season for every other week customers, no skips for full service customers. After your allowed skips are reached your service frequency and price will be adjusted to the level needed by your lawn.

Rain: Sometimes it rains on and off and we continue to work, sometimes your day is rained out and we just come the next day. Due to weather and conditions beyond our control from time to time, your mowing service may be off schedule. If service is interrupted because of rain, remaining service is rescheduled for completion.

Holidays: Schedules may be moved forward or back due to a week day holiday.

Fuel: We are greatly affected by the cost of fuel. If fuel costs can be reduced by creating a more efficient route, rather than increasing our prices, your service day may be affected. We will provide 48 hours notice if a change to the schedule is necessary. Fuel surcharges may apply as fuel rates fluctuate.

Inaccessible Yards: Once the service team arrives we begin our systematic approach to servicing your lawn. In order to provide timely, efficient and dependable service WE DO NOT CALL OR KNOCK on the door if a yard is inaccessible. Our team will note the work order the reason why an area was not serviced. We do not offer credits or redo’s for missed areas due to inaccessible yards. If a trip is made and we were unable to service any areas the regular service fee will be charged. If you request a return trip the regular service fee applies and service is rescheduled when we are in the area.

Inaccessible Yards include but are not limited to:locked gates; broken gates; ongoing projects; moving vans; too many parked cars; car blocking access to gate, pets outside; outdoor parties; irrigation running; construction material or workman in a yard.

Combination Locks: With a combination lock we can guarantee your peace of mind and insure our ability to service your property. If you already have a combination lock let us know and we’ll keep the number on file.

Locked Gates: Our service teams are careful about locking and closing gates, if security is a concern, please make a quick check of the gate and lock for closure after our service to ensure the gate is secured and please contact us if you find the gate/lock open, we will remind the service team to lock every time! However, we cannot guarantee a gate will latch and the lock is in place. You accept our service with these terms.

Pets: Our service teams love pets; not all pets love us! We are careful about locking and closing gates, but, we cannot guarantee a pet will not escape. We recommend keeping your pets inside on service day and check the gate for closure after service to ensure it is latched before releasing your valuable pets into the yard. You accept our service with these terms.

Cancels, Changes, Complaints, and Communications: Please, make all communications, changes to service, or complaints through the office and not the service team. There is a possibility that your team leader may forget, be off the next day, or misunderstand the information. Contacting the office directly allows us to insure that your changes or needs are noted correctly in your customer file and are placed on work orders, and it is the only approved way to for a change to service or additional services. The team is authorized to perform only the work listed on their work order for the day, additional work requires authorization and approval of the office before proceeding.

Cancellations: Accepted ONLY through email or by contacting us by phone 732-371-LAWN.  It is your responsibility to inform us of a cancellation. You will be charged for all work provided until this office is notified of your cancellation request. Please do not tell the service team that you wish to cancel, it may be misunderstood or they may forget to inform the office.
Cancellations must be made 24 hours before your scheduled service, no weekend cancellations for the following Monday. If canceling before the 6 trip minimum is fulfilled, a $35 cancellation fee applies.

Office Contact info: Phone 732-371-LAWN, e-mail to:

E-Mail: Electronic notification is monitored from 8am to 5pm during mowing season and checked on a regular basis out of mowing season. We prefer to use e-mail, because, your message gets to us even when we are out of the office, we can respond immediately, regarding schedules changes and special service instructions. However, we’re still happy to hear from you by phone too!

Telephone: The office is open from 8am to 5pm Monday through Friday during the season. We will do our best to return your call by the end of the day if you call before 5pm Monday through Friday. Messages are checked on a regular basis during and after the mowing season.

Call us today at 732-371-LAWN for a free property review, or click here to email us.